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About Us

Silksecret.lv’s silk production for a healthy lifestyle and sleep – a special gift for yourself and beloved ones.

Silk Secret brand

The brand has been developed to become your number one choice regarding bed clothing. Silk Secret means that you discover a new secret, or a positive quality of silk bed clothing, every night.

Silk products from Silk Secret

We offer silk-filled duvets, pillows, mattress toppers of various thickness, silk bed clothing, silk plaids, and silk robes for women.

We have developed and established excellent cooperation with one of the best silk factories in China, Jiangsu Province, Suzhou city. Only the highest quality silk is obtained there, and professional craftsmen make there the silk products ordered by us; products are made in accordance with the specifications to fit the various climate conditions of various countries.
You can be sure that every silk product is an ecologically clean masterwork of diligence.

We are constantly working to expand our offering, and we care of your comfort to ensure that ordering our products on the Internet and receiving them is easy and convenient.

Mission of Silk Secret

Our mission is to provide all people with the possibility to use quality, natural and healthy bed clothing. We want you to have good, peaceful and comfortable sleep so that you would feel fresh and look gorgeous in the mornings.

So many people in Latvia and all the world still do not know that silk is really the best choice for one’s sleep – from kids to seniors; just find the ones that fit you. And that silk duvets can improve the sleep of asthmatic and allergic people, because it prevents the breeding of dust mites, bacteria and various fungi. Silk is also a peculiar youth elixir. Just think: about one third of your life you spend in bed; it means that the duvet and bed clothing plays a big role in your comfort, looks and even life span.

In the traces of the Silk Road

Already before Christ, silk was one of the major treasures in China. Through centuries, the Silk Road helped the entire Eurasia to develop. The value of silk has grown even more in our days, because, in addition to the pleasant texture and other qualities highly valued by all nations, scientific studies have proven its positive influence on health.










"I discovered my Silk Road a few years ago, when I visited China and incidentally discovered silk fibre-filled duvets and pillows. Silk became the only choice of my family in caring about healthy sleep. And soon I created Silksecret.lv to share my experience with others. Discover the Secret of Silk!”

                    Inga Vasilišina,  Silk Secret meneger


 Although you can easily purchase a product online and receive it the most convenient way, we are still open for communication, questions and opinions because we have got so much to tell about silk beneficial properties like different stories, sensations, observations and studies which we will gladly share with you. We love silk and know about it all.