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Frequently Asked Questions 


The Silksecret team will gladly answer all your questions. Here we have gathered the frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question, please write to us. We will be glad to answer.


1. Compared to other (conventional) duvets, are silk fibre-filled duvets sufficiently warm? 

Yes, silk duvets will be sufficiently warm if you choose the respective thickness as they have unique thermoregulation abilities. Silk duvets adapt to the body temperature and the bedroom temperature, providing you with the right warmth. If the bedroom is warm, choose a thin duvet; if the bedroom is cool, choose a medium thick or thick duvet. Go to the Section Which silk duvet and learn more. 

A brief comparison versus down- and feather-filled duvets. When you lie under a down duvet, initially you feel very warm and everything seems fine, but it can get too hot, which can cause sweating, the skin stops breathing, the sweated humidity starts cooling down, and you feel cold. That means your comfort and sleep is affected. Why does it happen? The cause is the casing of these duvets. Since downs tend to penetrate the casing, the casing fabric has waterproof materials added to it, which, consequently, means that there is no air perviousness. Such duvets do not allow your skin to breathe sufficiently, and you get too hot. Such duvets have bad thermoregulation, they absorb humidity, and dust mites breed in them. They can cause allergies.


2. Are silk fibre-filled duvets slippery? 

No. Duvets and pillows are filled with silk fibre, but their casings are made of natural cotton satin or a satin and silk mix. So no worries – a silk-filled duvet will not be slippery.


3. Will the duvet filling not move around in the duvet during use? 

You can be sure that the duvet filling will not move around in the duvet during the entire use. Even after ten years! That is achieved with the special production technology – handwork with century-long traditions and craftsmanship. Small silk fibre bundles are stretched to the desired length with hands, putting them in cross formation in layers on the fabric. The layers are made in this way, until the required thickness of the duvet is reached. Quality long-fibre silk put evenly in cross layers on the fabric make a homogenous, durable, stretched filling that is then sawn with hands from the inside by perimeter to the duvet casing. This technology prevents the filling from moving around without machine quilting. Extensive information on how a quality silk duvet is made can be found in the Section How are silk duvets made.


4. Do silk fibre-filled duvets and pillows need special care?

Considering the unique qualities of silk fibre and that dust mite and bacteria does not live in it and that dust does not accumulate (which are the main reasons for washing a duvet), silk duvets need not be washed if the bed clothing is changes regularly and the duvet is aired.

Silk-filled duvets cannot be washed in one piece. If there is as stain, wash only the affected spot. Use cool water and natural detergents and be gentle with rubbing. Another reason why silk duvets cannot be washed is the fact that silk has 98% protein in its composition, and these proteins may dissolve in detergents. The fibre will become fragile, and there is a possibility that the filling will move around and make clumps, and the qualities of the silk fibre will deteriorate.


5. What about the fact that these silk products are made in China, what about quality?

Firstly, remember that silk originated in China, where the traditions of making silk duvets have been fostered and developed for many centuries. Also today China is the largest silk manufacturer, with 80% of the global silk production output. In China, silk products, including silk-filled duvets, are goods with a high added value. The silk duvets offered by Silksecret are made in China because only the Chinese know this high-quality production technology. These products are appraised throughout the world: by luxurious hotels, healthy lifestyle practitioners and people who have high demands. We can affirm that duvets filled with the Mulberry silk fibre offered throughout the world are made in China, and their prices at other sellers often significantly exceed our prices. Silk products are made in ecological farms that hold the ECOLOGICAL TEXTILES Certificate that guarantees that the products are ecologically clean and of good quality.


6. Is the duvet and pillow filling real silk? How can I check the quality of Silksecret.lv duvets?

Our silk products are manufactured with the Mulberry silk that is the highest-grade and highest-quality sort of silk, which is ecologically clean, natural, and suited for your health and comfort. All real silk duvets and pillows have a zipper – open it to check that the silk ir real and of high quality. You can do it yourself. Cut with scissors a small piece of silk fibre, and kindle it; the smell should be like a burning organic substance, e.g. burning hair or nails, and after the burning a coal should be left that can be rubbed between the fingers, making the fingers black. If it is not possible to have a look at the silk filling (no zipper) and the duvet is quilted, then you know that the filling is, in the best case, low-quality silk or even has synthetic materials added to it. These duvets, made with different technologies, are usually not so tender to touch, and also their price is lower. You can read more in the Section What is high-grade silk like.


 7. Why choose Silksecret silk duvets, not others? 

The silk duvets offered by Silksecret have health-friendly qualities. The Mulberry silk fibre filling and the special production technology ensures unique experience, and you can feel the quality as soon as you cover yourself with them. It is impossible to express with words; it has to be felt to tell the difference.

Silk is a natural material, and, unlike woollen and down products, it does not contain allergens but prevents their presence, like dust, dust mite, bacteria, fungi and other vermin.Learn more about the positive qualities of silk in the Section Why silk?.


8. Is silk bed clothing slippery?

Silk bed clothing is a bit slippery, but do not worry – you will not fall out of the bed and your duvet will not fall off you. This is a myth. The reason of the slippery feel of silk is that it is extra tender and smooth. The reason for this myth is that often bed clothing made of polyester, called silk atlas, is mistakenly taken for silk. Bed clothing made of that material is very slippery and not so pleasant to the skin; the so called slipperiness of real and natural silk bed clothing is tender and very pleasant.


9. Why is the silk bed clothing offered by Silksecret.lv more expensive than elsewhere?

The prices certainly are not higher, taking into account the quality factor for comparison. When comparing various products, do not just look at the name of the article - pay attention to the sizes, duvet thickness, type of silk, duvet casing material. Also, the description of the product should say that it is 100% silk, not just “silk” as the latter means that other materials can have been added.

If you want to buy high-quality silk duvet or bed clothing, look for the Mulberry silk sort in the description, as it is the highest-graded among all the types of silk available. It is the best suited for making bed clothing, and is also the most expensive silk type.

An important factor to consider is the thickness of the fabric, or the momme weight: thicker (25 mm) will be more expensive, thinner (16 cm) will be cheaper. Also the fabric’s texture determines the price: smooth, single-colour fabric will be cheaper, and with a pattern, jacquard fabric will be more expensive. Take into account that a good quality bed clothing set for two persons will cost at least EUR 500.


10. I want to buy a silk duvet, which should I choose? 

If you do not intend to change your current bed clothing, choose the duvet with the same sizes. The duvet and the cover can have the same sizes. If you want to replace your current bed clothing with silk clothing, it is worth to know that Silksecret duvets have loops in the corners and silk covers have ribbons in the corners. You can tie the duvet to the cover so it won’t move. Very convenient!


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