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How are silk duvets made

Find out how the silk fibre filled duvets are made to appreciate its value!
- Handmade – each silk filled duvet is 100% handmade by a team of four women.

- Special technology and process – each silk floss filled duvet is made from plenty of silk fibre layers. Each layer looks like a net where silk floss is firmly attached to each other. Thus silk filled duvets being layered are breathable, heat isolating and light. Silk floss is the longest, strongest natural fibre (up to 1500 m). Due to its strength once the silk threads have been teased into place and sewn it will not move or bunch and therefore there will be no cold spots.



 - Duvet’s durability - silk duvets are made by ancient Chinese tradition, by hand-stitching the silk padding to its casing from within to hold it and to remain in its place for all times. Silk floss filled duvets can be never stitched from the outside, so it wouldn’t bunch and would remain soft, fitting, smooth and durable. Silk is organic fibre which should be airy. Watch, how the silk quilt is made.
Owing to finest quality of silk and length of silk fibre, as well as to the manufacturing technique it is guaranteed that the silk floss filling will maintain its shape and remain in its place. The silk duvet will last from 6 up to 10 years by following accurate care instructions!


Once you’ve tried silk duvet, you’ll never go back. 

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