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Hypoallergenic fabric


A silk-filled duvet – to give quiet sleep to asthmatic and allergic people

Have you ever heard about the dust mite, an insect that lives in bed clothing and feeds on dead skin flakes?These mites are found in every home; only their concentration and the respective negative influence on the health differ.Allergic and asthmatic people are especially vulnerable.


~Silk products prevent the occurrence of dust mite.In scientific studies it has been proved that sericin that is present in silk products ensures a healthier environment and less allergic reactions.


~Mould and bacteria do not develop in silk bed clothing.The breathability and density of the silk fibre in duvets and pillows provide for a dry environment for sleeping.


~Silk fibre relieves itching skin, and this is particularly important for people with allergic and sensitive skin.



Our customer’s story

“The allergy to dust mite was the major problem in our family: constant coughing at night and especially in the morning, when we woke up with a blocked, running nose, itch in the nose, and sneezing. Since dust mite is most often found in bed clothing, we decided to buy new duvets and pillows. Our requirements were to find duvets and pillows that not only prevent dust mite from living and breeding in these products, but that are also natural. Having studied the offering, we decided to opt for the silk fibre-filled duvets and pillows from Silksecret.lv, as they satisfied our requirements.After a month with these products, my husband and daughter felt better and the allergic symptoms caused by dust mite had reduced. We recommend silk fibre-filled duvets and pillows also to others who suffer from this allergy; moreover, these duvets are very pleasant, light and warm. Thank a lot to Silksecret.lv for the possibility to buy these products.” Līga from Saldus

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People suffering from allergy and asthma symptoms, should very carefully follow the use and care instructions.



Certificates of the quality of the silk products offered by Silksecret

Our silk-filled products have been made in accordance with the highest quality standards.

They have been tested and attested as ecologically clean products; this is certified with the ECOLOGICAL TEXTILES Certificate: the products comply with the manufacturing country’s Standard BG/T 18885-2002, which guarantees that the products do not contain harmful substances and are not harmful to the health and environment.


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For additional information about allergy problems, please visit our partner’s website - www.astmaalergija.lv


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