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Testimonials of our clients



I would like to recommend these wonderful comforters to everyone. We received them as a wedding gift and the reality exceeded our expectations by far: light, breathable, supple, and pleasant. Previously we had been using down comforter and faced the same problem as many others – constantly pulling it up and kicking it off, not to mention the synthetic filling. Compared to wool blanket, this is much lighter and elastic, and more thermostatic. It was difficult to part with it during cleaning, as it is virtually irreplaceable. I can only recommend it to enjoy and have a good sleep! Egita


They remind me of the sweet sleep of my kids, since they both have these soft and light SilkSecret comforters. Anda


Comforter is simply fantastic! Softness of the silk, lightness, puffiness and pleasant feeling of satin cover, and overall quality were a pleasant surprise!



I have received your delivery, thank you. The product is of very high quality! It was such a pleasure to receive a nicely packed product. 
Thank you for your care!Anna


I’ve been dreaming of using exactly a silk quilt. I made my choice and I am very satisfied. Its lightness, tenderness, flexibility, warmth and the silky feeling provide outstanding comfort.The light pink colour shade of the quilt satisfies my wishes. Thank you very much. Alīna


I like very much the silk products I bought for myself and my little daughter, they are tender and light, the pillows don’t become flat, the quilts are light and soft and warm, they provide pleasant warmth and don’t heat up your body. There is a pleasant feeling that they are natural, not made of any synthetic or chemical substance, we are sleeping and enjoying :) Thank you!Gita


Thank you for the delivery! Everything is very beautiful and fully satisfies my wishes. Thank you once again for everything. Looking forward to cooperate with you again soon. Yours sincerely, Rigmora


I bought pillows, the light quilt and a mattress topper. Although the quilt seemed thin at first, it actually perfectly suits my taste and comfort requirements. It provides enough warmth and, finally, I am not hot at night.


I am 110% satisfied with what I bought, it was worth it and now I understand how important the quality of these products is for me to feel really good! Inga


Thank you very much for this recommendation. I have been using my new quilt for some time and I only have the best words to say about it:
- even my feet is not cold, although I used to wear socks at night during a cold winter!
- the comfort is outstanding, the quilt is light and soft, the heat control is excellent (even my husband is no longer sweating because of being hot, and I am not freezing);
- my sleep has improved, I can get up in the morning and feel that I have had enough sleep;
- what is most important – we are not “stealing” each other’s quilt at night because it is sufficient for both of us... I can finally enjoy my sleep!!!

Thank you very much for the feeling of peace, health and wellness your brought to me!!! We are overwhelmed!!! Ineta


I am very satisfied that I bought so very pleasant quilts. I can sleep well, and when I wake up I understand that I have chosen top quality products. Silk bedding makes this purchase even more enjoyable. Thank for the opportunity to buy these products. I would like to follow up the offer of new products and, of course, buy them for myself and my loved ones.

Truly yours, Sarmīte


I had never thought that a silk quilt can bring such a joy to me! I cannot describe the feelings brought by the silk quilt by using simple words! I can just assure and confirm – TRY IT and you will not be disappointed for a second! I am just overjoyed!!! Thank you! 

Yours sincerely, Andis